Nai Br.XX is an ethereal powerhouse of Alternative R&B. Her cool neo-soul vocals give life to intricate and full-bodied rhythms. The unique production style creates a modern and refreshing dynamic, combining an old school ear with new-age technique. Based out of Atlanta, Nai has built much buzz in the underground music scene, and there is no wonder why.


    Nai's musical journey began when she was a small child. Growing up in New York in a household deeply rooted in Jamaican culture, her earliest music experiences consisted mainly of performances at family gatherings. After moving to Atlanta, it wasn’t until a chance encounter with a Georgia State University colleague and producer Sensei Bueno, that her music career took off. From recording sessions in dorm rooms and closets, the two released an EP, Wasted Callaway featuring the single "Bed Weather" within that same year. They followed the release of the debut EP with two singles "LoveStruck" and her latest moving single, "DayDream." 


     Currently, Nai Br.XX and Sensei Bueno are at work crafting their sophomore project. After the success and recognition from her releases, Nai and her band Wasted Callaway, titled after her EP, have been active headlining on stages from Atlanta to New York and opening for acts including Eric Roberson, Moonchild, and Kandice Springs, to name a few. 

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Wasted Callaway
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